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Btrfs: Btrfs Goals • General purpose filesystem that scales to very large storage • Feature focused, providing features other Linux filesystems cannot

Btrfs Filesystem:
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EXT4 with journal If journaling is needed, consider RAM journal device Again RAM journal not as dangerous as you think Better than BTRFS on small/medium sync

Exporting Kernel Page Caching

Video Server (OOC) 5/11/2010 MSST 2010 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 Single-Threaded Few-Threaded Multi-Threaded ext3 fuse xfs exp-pc hook btrfs reiserfs

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File Systems  SquashFS  Compressed, read-only FS  Mainlined in 2.6.29  Really nice to finally get into kernel  BTRFS  Check-pointing log-structured file system
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