Unix Shell Scripting Tutorial

Unix Shell Scripting Tutorial Book:

Bourne shell: shells and will share the same syntax, KSH is based on SH and so is Bash(Bourne again shell). TCSH(Extended C SHell) is based on CSH. The various shells all have built in

Unix Shell Scripting Tutorial:

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-d file Check if file is a directory.-e file Check if file exists. Is true even if file is a directory. Example: Bourne Shell Reference (Linux Reviews)

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Rc The Plan 9 Shell Tom Duff td@plan9.bell-labs.com ABSTRACT Rc is a command interpreter for Plan 9 that provides similar facilities to UNIXˇs Bourne shell, with

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– GNU's POSIX compatible Bourne Shell – Equivalent to Korn but free implementation – Perfect fit in Linux which resulted in mass popularity

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Bash ΠBourne Again Shell (I) - 1 (Hans Josef Schummer) Shell-Programmierung BASH ΠBourne Again Shell (Teil I) Bash ΠBourne Again Shell (I) - 2 (Hans Josef Schummer)
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